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Pastor Allan Ursabia, 45, was attacked in front of his flock of at most 100 people around 9.30 a.m. at the Lord Jesus Christ Fellowship Church in the coastal village of Jubgan, 9 kilometers from this city, PO3 Era Campillos said. The victim was brought ...
“The church was filled with churchgoers— about 80 to 100 —when the assailants entered the place of worship area and shot the pastor,” said Police Officer 3 Era Campillos, the case investigator. A female lookout was seen outside the Lord Jesus Christ ...
Co-writer and director Robin Campillo derives what could be an entire film from this extended sequence: menace and sexual anger, a sense of privilege and acquisitiveness, and bodies relating to environment and music in a way that recalls Claire Denis' ...
Eastern Boys review: Robin <b>Campillo&#39;s</b> film a complex series of confrontations
Jean-Baptiste avait ouvert sa saison KF-Junior de fort belle manière pendant la WSK Champions Cup 2014 à La Conca, mais c'est en Espagne que Louis-Ferdinand a fait ses débuts en Rotax Junior, lors de la Rotax Winter Cup de Campillos, une semaine ...
A chacun sa Winter Cup chez les Simmenauer
Rinus van Kalmthout heeft tijdens zijn debuut bij de Europese Rotax Max senioren zijn visitekaartje kunnen afgeven. Tijdens de Rotax Winter Cup op het Zuid-Spaanse circuit van Campillos reed de Hoofddorpse karter drie sterke heats, die hem een ...
Karting: Rinus van Kalmthout debuteert sterk bij senioren Rotax Max Wintercup <b>...</b>
Les essais chronos de la Rotax Winter Cup 2015 n'étaient guère encourageants pour les 9 pilotes du clan français à Campillos. Seul Enzo Coursimault (Kosmic/PKS), 17e des 50 concurrents Junior, affichait ses prétentions. Pourtant, le rythme s'est ...
Les Français à <b>Campillos</b> : pas si mal !
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