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On Thursday, two designs were presented for a playground to be built at Dominion Park in Nawton. Hamilton City Council has set a maximum budget of $500,000 for construction and a community funded target of $250,000 has been set to get the playground ...
Hamilton's next destination playground ready by spring
HANOVER, Va. — Some parts of the Kings Dominion park will be open, and free to the public, on Wednesday, Sept. 23; a day when all Henrico County students are off of school. There are four courses total for the 12 races of the UCI Road World ...
Visit Kings <b>Dominion</b> for free on the day a UCI race starts there
While the removal of this visitor staple is a blow for longtime patrons, the decision was made as part of plans to revamp the Candy Apple Grove section of Kings Dominion. Park officials will announce which attraction will take Shockwave's place next month.
Kings <b>Dominion&#39;s</b> Shockwave Roller Coaster to Close in August
The company purchased the Trails at Dominion Park, an 843 unit apartment complex at 200 Dominion Park in north Houston, for $52.5 million. The property consists of 17 apartment buildings plus a clubhouse, according to tax records. It was built in the ...
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- GoldOller Real Estate Investments announced its acquisition of the Trails at Dominion Park, an 843 unit luxury garden apartment complex in Houston, Texas for $52.5 million. The Trails at Dominion Park, built ...
GoldOller Acquires 843 Units in Houston
The Dominion Park subdivision will have 82 houses, each 2,600 to 3,400 square feet in size. Prices will range from $450,000 to $550,000. HHHunt selected Boone Homes – a builder it works with frequently in Wyndham– to build the new houses in Dominion ...
Developer adds 82 houses to Wyndham projects
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