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A judoca campo-grandense Layana Colman (-52 kg) anunciou ontem (20) que não vai representar a seleção brasileira no Desafio Internacional de Judô contra o Canadá, marcado para o próximo dia 26, em Recife (PE), Pernambuco. A atleta ainda não se ...
Lesionada, <b>Layana</b> Colman não vai lutar pela seleção de judô
The number of contestants on Season Five of Project Runway All Stars are finally starting to dwindle. Now it's time for a real curve ball of a challenge to really separate the starters from the bench warmers. Let's get to it, before any more baseball ...
&#39;Project Runway All Stars&#39; Recap: Take Me Out to the Runway
Asha is making a skirt playing on a baseball uniform and a top playing on a sports bra; Sam is going to do a cheerleader-style circle skirt out of mesh (no surprise); Layana wants to make detailed leggings; Emily is riffing on the basic white tee; Dom ...
Project Runway All Stars recap: &#39;A Touch of Style&#39;
Layana decides that she is going to re-do her top after she puts her design on her model and the second shirt looks a little better than the first, but not much. My favorite looks out of this week's challenge are Kini's and Ken's even though he didn't ...
Project Runway All Stars 2016 Live Recap: Week 9 – Touch of Style
Amala Nagar (Thrissur): More than a month after a tree came crashing down on them, two college girls are fighting back to piece together their lives. Sudhila (18) and Layana (19) are limping back to normal lives after a series of surgeries and ...
Month after tragedy on campus, two girls limp back to life
A estilista brasilense Layana Thomaz sofre com um grave programa cardíaco que já a levou à mesa de cirurgia por três vezes. Em 2015, sofreu uma endocardite bacteriana e precisa terminar de pagar o valor do tratamento, orçado em R$ 160 mil. Ela (com ...
Estilista <b>Layana</b> Thomaz promove mais uma edição de bazar beneficente
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