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Hollister council members Monday voted 4-0 to approve going forward on exclusive talks to sell the city's property in the 400 block of San Benito Street for a multi-use development. It came after dozens of local residents shared their views on both ...
Updated: Council votes 4-0 to develop open downtown plot
It was addressed to BenitoLink, stating, “To its staff and contributors for facilitating, exercising, and defending freedom of speech and assuring it remains alive and well in San Benito County.” Richman wrote a regular column and commentaries for the ...
Marty Richman Recognizes BenitoLink
SAN BENITO — The Resaca Walk project is expected to bring San Benito tourism to the next level. But for the past few months, it's been on hold. That could change tonight. This evening, city commissioners are expected to discuss the project with ...
Commission to discuss SB Resaca Walk project
At first glance, BenitoLink seem similar to other news websites -- but it has a few things that make it unique. Most significant is that BenitoLink is a news website that is an “open platform." That means that people can register for a free account ...
Who writes for BenitoLink?
San Benito County adventurer Jim Ostdick passed the 900-mile mark on his walking journey across the United States. reaching the milestone this past weekend in rainy northwestern Indiana. Ostdick reported to BenitoLink by email that he spend a "zero-day ...
Walking Across America: Ostdick hopes to hit 1000-mile mark this week
The San Benito County Office of Education on April 28 held its annual reception honoring 28 teachers and classified staff members of the year from throughout the county. The 2015-16 Teacher of the Year recipients are: Angela Oliveira (Anzar High School ...
County teachers, educational staff of the year announced
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