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Bishop McKeown paid his own tribute to Sr Clare and the courage of her family over the past two weeks. He said: "From the cries of anguish and relief last Friday night as Sister Clare's coffin came round the final corner after her long journey home, I ...
Quake nun Sr <b>Clare</b> Crockett died &#39;doing what she believed was beautiful&#39;
Clare's Fianna Fáil TD insists that honest policy holders shouldn't have to foot the bill for fraudulent insurance claims. Timmy Dooley is commenting in light of spiralling costs, which the Central bank has attributed to a number of factors including ...
With every Clare performance in 2016 there's more resemblance to the side which claimed a surprise Liam MacCarthy success three years ago. Graduates from their trio of All-Ireland U-21-winning sides have successfully transitioned into the senior set-up ...
<b>Clare</b> have a stronger panel now than 2013 - Ryan
Clare's Colin Ryan says the opinion of supporters about the team's entertainment value doesn't matter so long as the county keep winning games. On Sunday, the Banner surrendered their 100% record for 2016 but remain unbeaten for their 12 games this ...
Colin Ryan: Success comes before style
The Clare hurling management's treatment of Paul Flanagan's recent concussion has been commended by the GAA's medical, scientific and welfare committee chairman Ger Ryan. Last week, Davy Fitzgerald revealed one of his players, without naming him, ...
<b>Clare&#39;s</b> concussion approach commended as &#39;player comes first&#39;
Clare's first cause of concern occurred about three years ago, when she had a suspicious mole removed from her left shoulder. While tests revealed it was malignant melanoma, it was thought to have been caught early enough to be out of her system.
This Newlywed&#39;s Muscle Pain Turned Out to Be Something Much Worse
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