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The opportunity came about after Paradinas reached out to the producer through SoundCloud, looking for him to expand on the splintered beats of Work Focus. The result is Virtuous.scr, an even deeper dive into the strange area where experimental meets ...
Planet Mu's Newest Star Makes Club Music Imagined by Artificial Intelligence
Antwood is the alias of Tristan Douglas, a producer, microbiologist, and all-around deep thinker hailing from Nanaimo, British Columbia. Some might remember his EP Work Focus from last year, an under-the-radar gem put out by net label B.YRSLF Division.
Planet Mu's Newest Star Makes Club Music Imagined by Artificial Intelligence
When compiling a collection celebrating the 20th anniversary of his Planet Mu label, Mike Paradinas discovered an entire album's worth of material that was recorded in the late '90s but never released. How exactly does a collection of 17 songs, lasting ...
µ-Ziq Aberystwyth Marine
But that's exactly what Paradinas uncovered when going through the Planet Mu archives, extracting hundreds of gems to help celebrate its 20th anniversary last year. "Abersytwyth Marine is a long lost µ-Ziq album," wrote Paradinas on his Bandcamp page, ...
Planet Mu Founder Mike <b>Paradinas</b> Unearths A µ-Ziq Time Capsule
Planet Mu label head Mike Paradinas, otherwise known as µ-ZIQ, last year dug into the archives and shared hundreds of recordings dating back to the '90s through Soundcloud - among them was an entire album recorded under the Short Circuit alias and an ...
Mike <b>Paradinas</b> Shares Long-Lost Album
To mark the occasion The Vinyl Factory has created a short documentary about the imprint, charting its 20 years through interviews with bossman Paradinas and other Mu artists. Mr Mitch and Ekoplekz discuss working with the label, while Aphex Twin makes ...
Aphex Twin and Mr Mitch appear in new Planet Mu documentary
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