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This summer 2013 photo shows a group of campers from Camp Dora Golding kayaking on CDG Lake in East Stroudsburg, Penn. The photo was one of hundreds posted online by the camp so parents could see what kids were doing. Most sleep-away camps ...
How's sleep-away camp going? Check the pics
Camp Dora Golding in Pennsylvania's Poconos Mountains has even launched a cellphone app so parents can easily access pictures on Facebook and Instagram. “The parents are looking for this so they can know their kids are having a good time,” said Elie ...
How's sleep-away camp going? Check the photos
Camp Dora Golding Logo 150 x 150 As first reported by in February, an alleged victim of child sex abuse at Camp Dora Golding is suing the camp, its owner-director Alex Gold, and the alleged molester, Chisdai Ben Porat, who is ...
<b>Camp Dora</b> Golding Child Sex Abuse Scandal: Camp, Alex Gold, Chisdai Ben Porat <b>...</b>
A source at the sentencing of the Camp Dora Golding molester, Chisdai Ben-porat, told that Ben-porat was sentenced this afternoon to 5 months to 23 months in a Pennsylvania state prison in a special sex offender program. Thevictim's ...
Chisdai Ben Porat Sentenced To Prison
Camp Dora Golding Abuse Video Update. Camp Dora Golding Logo 150 x 150 The edited video allegedly of Chisdai Ben Porat sexually abusing a child at Camp Dora Golding this past summer has been removed from this site and from the site that first ...
<b>Camp Dora</b> Golding Abuse Video Update
Camp Dora Golding Logo 150 x 150 At least three separate campers made police complaints against one rabbi-staffer. I'm told the complaints did not result in a criminal prosecution due to an odd understanding of Pennsylvania law that essentially makes ...
Another Alleged Perp, 3 To 5 More Alleged Victims, At <b>Camp Dora</b> Golding
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