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Sharp Corporation, which has about $6.2 billion in interest bearing debt, has been offered a revised deadline and lowered interest rate on lending from two major banks. The company has also been offered other forms of financial support to help speed up ...
Foxconn-Sharp: All Cards on the Table
Amnesty International stated that Royal Dutch Shell plc (ADR) (NYSE:RDS.A) is “blatantly false” in its claims that it had cleaned up oil spills in Nigeria. The oil spill continues to harm livelihood of many Nigerians. According to a report, one ...
Royal Dutch Shell plc (<b>ADR): All</b> Oil Cleaned In Niger Delta; Amnesty Disagrees
The selloff has pushed various Chinese companies trading on the US stock exchange down more than 22% since the beginning of the second half of fiscal year 2015 (2HFY15). In order to combat the lowering prices, the Chinese conglomerates' have ...
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, JD.Com Inc And Baidu Inc All On The Same Page
Almost a month after Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE:RDS-A) experienced trouble in its core vessel, "the Fennica;" the oil company has finally been granted the permit towards the commencement of deep sea drilling in the Arctic Ocean. Earlier the drilling was ...
Royal Dutch Shell plc (<b>ADR) All</b> Set to Start Drilling in the Arctic Ocean
... dio por anulada hace unas semanas por falta de ayudas y permisos, finalmente ha cambiado de formato y se celebrará el próximo fin de semana en el restaurante La Llar de Foc de Adrall. Lluís Mera, uno de sus organizadores ha querido “seguir adelante ...
Ribera d'Urgellet. (ACN).- Formatges de l'Abadessa d'Adrall ha creado un queso elaborado con cerveza negra de la Cervesa Minera de Sant Joan de les Abadesses. Su creadora, Judith Carreira, explica que el Fragua, tal como se denomina el nuevo ...
Una empresa de <b>Adrall</b> elabora un queso hecho con cerveza negra
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