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Last time we heard from Nigerian-American sibling duo VanJess (Jessica and Ivana) was back in '13 and '14 when they dropped their respective singles “Killer Lover” and “Dazed.” Now they're back with new music in the form of “Adore.” Produced by Ivory ...
You&#39;<b>ll &#39;Adore</b>&#39; Sisterly Duo VanJess&#39; New Song
No offence to your grandmother, but lace is getting a major overhaul this season. Gone are the stuffy looks of yesteryear — now we're welcoming in the same traditional patterns we've seen on Downton Abbey but updated and paired with modern silhouettes ...
This Granny-tastic Celeb Style Trend Is One You&#39;<b>ll Adore</b>
wrist tattoos The wrist can be a gorgeous spot for a very meaningful tattoo -- it's something you will see every day. Whether small and simple or big and bold, these wrist tattoos will have you inspired. And you can think beyond just the inside of your ...
17 Eye-Catching Wrist Tattoos You&#39;<b>ll Adore</b> (PHOTOS)
Negronis are pretty much the hippest cocktail there is right now, and (aside from people's love of obscure things), there's a good reason: They're delicious. Even better, this bitter combination of gin, vermouth and campari somehow works in every season.
(BPT) — Exchanging gifts is a cherished part of the holiday season, but after celebrating for so many years with your loved ones, it's easy to get in a gift-giving rut. Resist defaulting to the same old robe, coffee mug or tie. This year, make their ...
Out of gift ideas? Surprise loved ones with meaningful gifts they&#39;<b>ll adore</b>
Sorry T. Swift fans, but if I could be in anyone's girl squad, it would be Mindy Kaling's. We'd stay up late watching Lifetime movie specials and sharing and extra-large, extra-cheesy pizza. We would tweet jokes back and forth (you know, like she and B ...
11 Books Mindy Kaling Loves That You&#39;<b>ll Adore</b>, Too
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