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“I had lost the radio and record player we had,” said Villec, who grew up in Forest Park. “Then there was this family that felt sorry and gave us a transistor radio, and I remember going into my room – I could almost cry thinking about this – and just ...
Everyday Hero: Theresa <b>Villec</b>
36-57-107 St. Corona, New York' U.S.A Cher Lieutenant Caporal Villec ''. J'aimerais 'prendre une 'Minute ou 'deux' pour te ''dire combien - je sens que 'tu es un fan de 'Jazz, et que tu 'Captes ce Jargon - tout comme 'nous', "ouais". Bon Sang ! - j'ai ...
Lettre de Louis Armstrong à un fan: &quot;Tout est musique&quot;
The young man in the sweatshirt and hat was brusque, but that didn't strike her as unusual. Sara Hummel Rajca said she's seen all kind of attitudes as a staffer for U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. He walked up to the table where a former intern for the ...
As usual at these events, she planned to give each constituent three to four minutes of individual attention, explains long-time intern Alex Villec, 19. The one-on-one chats were decidedly apolitical, he explains, and rarely drew the kind of partisan ...
The Tucson Massacre: One Survivor&#39;s Account
19岁的目击者Alex Villec 是一名志工,当他正在整理选民队时嫌犯走近他并要求与吉佛斯众议员说话,Villec 告诉他要先排队并须等大约二十分钟。 Villec 说,数分钟后嫌犯离开队伍径直走向吉佛斯,“他是有意走回来的 ...
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