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Miami Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon, last year's National League batting champion, has been suspended for 80 games for violating MLB's policy on performance enhancing drugs. Quite a Major League kick in the shins and deflator after the Marlins ...
In late 2014 Kevin Fiscus accepted an invitation to partner with Jim Bell for a multi-series 2015 race season with the expectations of running both Bell cars in a two car race team. However, Bell's Mustang was not completed in time to compete in the ...
Pro Mod Split: Teammates Kevin Fiscus, Jim <b>Bell Part</b> Ways
Bellprat Associates AG was responsible for the idea and the concept. The graphical user interface of the terminals, the Facebook connectivity and implementation of the barcode scanners was realised by bluelemon Interactive GmbH. For 'Opel Selfie Jump' ...
PRG XL Video Realises &#39;Opel Selfie Jump&#39; at IAA 2015
Taco Bell, part of Louisville-based Yum! Brands Inc., plans to open new concept "Taco… more. David Paul Morris, Bloomberg. They'll serve alcohol and feature a new urban design. The alcohol selection in Chicago will include beer, wine, sangria and a ...
First Taco Bells serving alcohol will open this month
This continues the discussion I had with Dr. Genevieve Bell, an Intel Fellow and VP in the company's Corporate Strategy Office. Here we talk about the value of paying attention to things that run counter to prevailing narratives, what she finds ...
The Culture Q&amp;A: Intel&#39;s Genevieve <b>Bell (Part</b> 2)
Those of us who think about bringing outside-in perspectives to brands are quite familiar with Dr. Genevieve Bell. Others may recognize her from the 2014 New York Times profile. Formally, she is an Intel Fellow and a Vice President in the Corporate ...
The Culture Q&amp;A: Intel&#39;s Genevieve <b>Bell (Part</b> 1)
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