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Ultimas marcas del fin de semana entre los atletas PRños en el Atletismo internacional. Información y estadísticas compartidas para por el compilador e historiador, Pedro Aníbal Díaz: RICARDO ESTREMERA - 3000 mts-Obstáculos, en 8:37.92 ...
THERE was a time in my late 20s, after observing and trying to foresee what Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte intended to do in a tight situation for almost a decade and failing to correctly guess what he'd do, when I told a friend, “If I had half the brains of ...
FOR a few mornings last week, I was already seething at people on social media even before I have taken a bath. Indeed, sometimes, the people who claim to be the protectors of democracy and holier than all of humanity are more foul than our certified ...
To earn that label,”The bulbs have to be tested by a 3rd party to make sure what the package says it's actually what's happening,” said Estremera. Next, look for a green lable that reads Energize CT. That means, “The bulb is subsidized so you're ...
A list to finding the right LED lightbulb
Rene Estremera, UP Mindanao's public relations officer said this was confirmed to him in a communication by the Senator's Chief of Staff, Atty. Fatima Panontongan. Santiago will guest in the second “Panagtigom: Forum for Presidential Candidates” to be ...
Miriam to visit UP Mindanao presidential candidates forum
“GANITO pala makipag exchange ng opinion about certain political candidates on comment feed?! Magbukal imong dugo!” a friend wrote as his Facebook status last week. Yes. A little more of this and there will be people just dropping dead, from ...
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