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Se conmemora el día de la Santa Cruz en la parroquia de la Asunción donde cada quince minutos el sacerdote bendice las cruces que los obreros de la cuchara gorda ofrendaran en lo alto de su construcción. Ocurre lo mismo en la villita, donde los ...
Conmemoran día de la Santa Cruz en Pachuca
Meg G. Freyermuth is an artist from Las Cruces, New Mexico, who paints portraits of wilderness areas, particularly in the southwestern United States. Freyermuth has been a serious artist since 2003, and received her BFA in Painting from New Mexico ...
“Visions of Our Monument” an artist talk with Meg G. Freyermuth in <b>Las Cruces</b>
LAS CRUCES---New Mexico Senator Tom Udall will be the featured guest at a morning conversation focusing on conservation, energy, and public lands on Thursday, May 5th. The conversation, hosted by the Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce, will ...
Senator Udall To Discuss Conservation Issues In <b>Las Cruces</b>
LAS CRUCES -- The New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum will celebrate an old tradition with the annual Blessing of the Fields procession on Friday, May 13. Beginning at 10 a.m., Fr. Alejandro Reyes, Administrator of Our Lord of Mercy Catholic ...
Annual Blessing of the Fields May 13 In <b>Las Cruces</b>
KRWG was there for their first stop in Las Cruces. This year's New Mexico legislative session saw a lot of bills affecting workers and unions. Like the right to work, which would have allowed employees to get the benefits of union-negotiated contracts ...
Labor Bus Traverses New Mexico
LAS CRUCES – A yearly budget approval Monday will add 22 firefighters and police officers to the city's ranks in the coming financial cycle. Officials say the fire positions are needed to staff a new public safety complex under construction on the East ...
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Las Cruces
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