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Left to right, Scouts Fred Vis, Keegan Balow and Evan Artajo cart out fresh silverware and clean cups for breakfast goers. Posted: Friday, April 22, 2016 2:00 pm. Scouts At Service For Breakfast By DENISE FLEISCHER Lifestyle Editor Journal & Topics ...
Scouts At Service For Breakfast
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission argued there's no rule or precedent supporting Julien Grout and Javier Martin-Artajo's bid to hide transcripts of their depositions from Bruno Iksil, dubbed the “London Whale” for his role in the 2012 trading ...
MILLENNIAL DESIGNERS (L-R) Andi F. Amora, Mandy F. Velasco, Jun O. Artajo, Ian T. Manglicmot, and Bianca G. Sabellano are among the 10 who are daring to introduce trendy fashion concepts to the Davao City market through their shop Nomads Davao.
We offer fashion for everyone – from clothes to accessories for ladies, men, and even to kids,” Jun Rodino O. Artajo, one of the Nomads designers, said. “We (designers) all have a vision of elevating the city's fashion scene and at the same time ...
Elevating fashion and design
This young, professional and renowned fashion designer in Davao City, Jun Artajo, now turned into a budding businessman as he decided to be one of the pillars of the newest lifestyle retail store in the city, the Nomads Davao. “We (with his co ...
Fashion business as a passion
In 2013, a federal grand jury in New York indicted two J.P. Morgan traders, Javier Martin-Artajo and Julien Grout, for allegedly hiding losses on the bad bets last year that cost the bank more than $6 billion. Messrs. Martin-Artajo and Grout, who both ...
JP Morgan's 'London Whale' spouts off: 'For no good reason, I was singled out'
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