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"Unless you're a high level geek and a little paranoid, you'd not normally be aware that you're being tracked using one of these devices," said Mike Katz-Lacabe, a privacy activist who has requested records of Stingray use from MPD and other ...
Terror-Tracking Device Being Used to Track Everyday Criminals in Milwaukee
Il a chaleureusement remercié son adjoint, le capitaine Jean-Guy Riuné-Lacabe «chef d'orchestre de cette cérémonie» tout comme le maire de Mézin, Jacques Lambert. «Merci de nous avoir offert Mézin». Une municipalité, d'ailleurs, qui a offert le verre ...
La délinquance en baisse, les cambriolages stagnent
Katz-Lacabe was trying to get info on the state's use of “Stingrays,” devices that broadcast a fake cell tower signal in an attempt to get nearby phones to connect. Once connected, the Stingray can track the phone or intercept incoming and outgoing data.
Indiana police cite 'agricultural terrorism' in FOIA denial
Mike Katz-Lacabe, a privacy activist and government advocate, asked for letters and emails sent between the police department, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Harris Corporation, a technology company that makes surveillance equipment.
Indiana State Police cite agricultural terrorism to deny stingray data request
"Months ago, I hadn't seen the myriads of reasons that agencies and their lawyers give for claiming records are exempt," Katz-Lacabe told Ars. "I think the reference to agricultural terrorism is perplexing and perhaps ludicrous. Maybe it's a Midwest ...
Indiana State Police won't give up stingray records due to “terrorism” risk
Il n'est pas encore 1 heure du matin, dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche, le flux de voiture se fait plus dense, les contrôles d'alcoolémie s'enchaînent sous le commandement du capitaine Riuné-Lacabe. Pour cette troisième soirée, un gros dispositif a ...
Un taux d'1,30g pour une jeune conductrice
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