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Una diminuzione di ore che inciderà inevitabilmente sui livelli occupazionali e sui Lea che dipendono da essi”. Parole della segretaria dello Smi, Pina Onotri che in quest'intervista approfondisce le ragioni del dissenso del sindacato in merito al ...
“Con nuovo Atto d'indirizzo i cittadini avranno 7mila medici in meno. È un pastrocchio”. Il j'accuse di Pina Onotri (Smi)
Brack Pelton — widower, Afghanistan War veteran, bar owner, part-time vigilante, and hero of David Burnsworth's second action thriller, "Burning Heat" — is leaving his buddy Mutt's bar after a night of the blues. The "ramshackle watering-hole" is in ...
David Burnsworth thriller 'Burning Heat' poses new challenge for veteran hero
Set in late 18th-century America, Katy Simpson Smith's "Free Men" ponders the question of human identity. Are the inhabitants of this unfamiliar world a new breed of person, or are they men as men have always been, with predictable motivations and ...
Book Review: Diverse trio stake new path in Katy Simpson Smith's 'Free Men'
Lloyd DeWitt will become chief curator and Irene Leache curator of European art of the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk. DeWitt succeeds Jeff Harrison, who retired in August after 33 years at the Chrysler. DeWitt will lead a team of seven that ...
Chrysler Museum names new chief curator
Lloyd DeWitt, Ph.D., will become Chief Curator and Irene Leache Curator of European Art of the Chrysler Museum of Art, Museum Director Erik Neil announced today. DeWitt, who is Canadian, has served since 2011 as Curator of European Art at the Art ...
Chrysler Museum of Art Appoints New Chief Curator
Yslea, narrator of Raymond Barfield's "The Book of Colors," is a 19-year-old African-American girl living in a North Memphis women's shelter. One muggy afternoon, she walks past three row houses, each with an occupied porch, and asks for a glass of water.
Book Review: Young woman accepts simple life in unusual love story &#39;The Book <b>...</b>
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