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推荐一个网站,比较出众的一个功能是帮助判断车手的能力和类型。 一般STRAVA等软件的特点是自己和自己比较,以及自己和别人在路段上的表现进行比较。XERTONLINE可以让车手判断自己的能力类型,以及在 ...
XERT对不同选手能力判断的定义来源于相对功率表现,如下曲线位置,熟悉CP曲线的朋友一看就懂了。不懂CP曲线的朋友请看我之前发的功率训练系列博文。 1.jpg. 换算称数据如下,各种类型选手依照不同的CP采样时间,判断相 ...
The Xert MPA and Power app, which displays Maximal Power Available, a metric that Baron has pioneered that is an interactive measure of the maximal power an athlete has second-by-second. In addition, power is displayed beside MPA and is color-coded ...
Baron Biosystems introduces suite of apps for Garmin bike computers
Oudenaarde - Belgium - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - Peter Sagan (Slowakia How deep can you go and how much do you have left in the tank? Part of it is how much you are willing to suffer, but the bigger picture is how much energy you ...
Toolbox: <b>Xert</b> and Real-time Fatigue Monitoring
PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (Oct. 9, 2015) — TBC Corp.'s TBC Brands unit is adding a radial OTR tire line to its product portfolio for the first time, a Power King-banded E-3-/L-3 for all-purpose applications. TBC said the tire, the Power King xERT-3, ...
TBC Corp. photo Power King <b>xERT</b>-3
TBC Brands has introduced the Power King xERT-3, an E-3/L-3 off-the-road radial tire that features an aggressive tread design for demanding all-purpose applications. “The Power King xERT-3 is the first off-the-road radial tire line offered by TBC ...
Commercial Tires TBC Unveils Its First OTR Radial Tire Line
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