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擁有致力讓女士更享受洗護髮樂趣這共同理念的airplay blow dry bar與美國護髮品牌Living Proof.,近日攜手舉辦「The perfect hair day」活動,讓一眾女士以優惠價錢享用一次Masquerade深層潔髮護理連Blowout服務,完成後更可獲贈Living Proof精選禮品一份(數量 ...
“We're excited to build on the success of Bar-X and Beer Bar by adding The Eating Establishment to our family business. This is a local institution, which will remain under local ownership. We hope to maintain the name and spirit of the original,” says ...
<b>Bar X</b> and Beer Bar of Salt Lake acquire Eating Establishment
平井堅のクリスマスコンサート“Ken Hirai 20th Anniversary Ken's Bar X'mas Special !!”の模様が、2016年3月27日(日)夜9:00より、WOWOWライブにて全曲ノーカットで独占放送される。 2015年12月24日(木)神奈川・横浜アリーナにて行われた同ライブは、ピアノなどの ...
フルバンドを従えて全国ツアー『Ken Hirai 20th Anniversary Live Tour 2015』を行った平井堅。20周年記念ライブとして、フルボリュームで楽しませてくれました! そして、本日12/23・24は、もちろん『Ken's Bar』@横浜アリーナです! こちらも20周年スペシャルと冠がついてい ...
12/23[当日レポート中]平井堅『Ken&#39;s <b>Bar X</b>&#39;mas Special !!』【セトリ・グッズ・ライブレポ】随時更新中!
His fuller recovery came over the last three years with the intervention of comrades he served with and a program that's been lauded by veterans: the Bar X Project, which helps heal Marines suffering from the mental and physical wounds of war in an ...
<b>Bar X</b> Project helps vets heal in pristine Montana landscape
“The BARX system will grant its users unprecedented access to foreign exchange trading capabilities right at their fingertips as well as 24-hour comprehensive servicing support, all from a trusted source,” said Mr Kihara Maina, the Barclays Bank ...
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