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Keeping a roza is not an easy task. You don't eat or drink anything till the evening. You have to wake up really early for sehari (I cannot possibly fast without that). You have to ensure that you don't forget that you are fasting every time you see ...
Ramzan Ka <b>Roza</b>: &#39;It&#39;s Fascinating How Giving Up Food And Water Changes My <b>...</b>
Prior to his release Dawaat-e-Ishq where he plays a Lucknowi chef, Aditya Roy Kapur decided to observe a Roza himself! However the actor was unsure of actually taking the step because it is a very stringent fast without water. He has a lot of Muslim ...
Prior to the release of &#39;Dawaat-e-Ishq&#39;, Aditya Roy Kapur observed his first <b>...</b>
For the first time, young actor Aditya Roy Kapur will be keeping a roza. The actor who rose to immense popularity post the super successful film, Aashiqui 2 will now be seen in Yash Raj Films' Daawat-e-Ishq opposite Parineeti Chopra. Aditya has planned ...
Aditya Roy Kapur to keep <b>a roza</b>!
Petogodišnja kćerka fotografkinje JeongMee Yoon je željela isključivo ružičaste igračke i odjeću, što je nagnalo umjetnicu da ispita posljedice reklamiranja koje nalaže da je plava boja za dječake, a roza za djevojčice. U tom svijetu binarne opozicije ...
FOTO: &#39;Plava je za dječake, <b>roza</b> za djevojčice&#39;
According to Islamic tradition, Ramzan is considered to be the holiest month in the entire year. Muslims all across the world celebrate Ramzan and observe fasts. One of the most basic ideas behind keeping a roza is to inculcate stoicism and a sense of ...
Ramzan 2015: What to Eat for Iftar
As Ramzan starts, I remember my humble fight against evil for a day, a few years ago…Though Gertrude Stein never quite put it this way, A roza is a roza is a roza. This is to dispel an impending debate at the onset. Yes, I kept the roza, but for a day ...
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