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The Azoi Kito+ is a very small, light, health tracker, perfect for carrying around on the go, especially for iPhone users as it fits seamlessly into the back of a case. However, its price feels rather high for what it does, and we feel its app could be ...
<b>Azoi</b> Kito+ Review
London, March 2016: Azoi Inc., a company dedicated to providing real-time, affordable and clinically accurate vital monitoring products, announces the UK launch of Kito+. Kito+ is an innovative health monitoring device, which fits in to a custom ...
Face à la détresse de la population suite aux récentes inondations, les actions humanitaires de l'Amicale des Zanatany d'Origine Indienne (AZOI) et du Cercle Inde Madagascar (CIMA) se poursuivent. Deux autres opérations ont été conduites ce week-end.
Les « karana » poursuivent leurs opérations de donations
Remember all to continue your devotion to contribute BIG BUCKS to his EVER BULGING tin cup! Its never too full. the crew says: November 4, 2014 at 2:08 pm. AZOI.IS. Why didn't he take you with him to Palm Springs. You did your best to try to make him ...
Hamish Patel teamed up with his long-time friend Juned Munshi in 2011 to launch Azoi Mobile Technologies Pvt. Ltd. They began by introducing gesture recognition for home entertainment devices, enabling people to communicate and interact with the ...
Wello By <b>Azoi</b>: Your health in your hands
Mit Wello von Azoi soll aus einem iPhone ein umfangreicher Lebensdatenerfasser werden. Das amerikanische Start-up Azoi möchte aus Smartphones kompakte Monitoringsysteme für den persönlichen Körperzustand machen. Dazu hat die Firma eine Hülle ...
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