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Connor Bailo, 13, poses at his home with just a few of the thousands of baseballs he has collected as part of his charity to get baseballs out to kids with little or no baseball gear in Trumbull, Conn. on Tuesday Nov. 24, 2015. The 501-3c charity he ...
Teen collects baseballs for have-not teams
In 2011, Connor Bailo had something of an epiphany. “I was at the Little League World Series in Williamsport,” the teenager said. “There was a team there from Uganda, and they had hardly any equipment at all — not even shoes.” He said spectators and ...
Teen collects baseballs for have-not teams
This week I visited with author and presenter Paul J. Bailo, whose new book The Essential Digital Interview Handbook, will ship on Dec. 30. However what intrigued me most as we visited and as I looked into the topic more deeply is how stunningly little ...
How To Nail A Video Interview
We talked with Carla Bailo, president of Nissan Technical Center North America and senior vice president of NNA R&D Americas, at Nissan 360 this week about where the company's first real-world trials, the similarities and differences between Nissan's ...
Nissan Autonomous Cars: We talk Self-Driving with R&amp;D chief Carla <b>Bailo</b>
La Comisión de Cultura, Turismo y Relaciones Institucionales del Parlamento de Navarra ha visitado este viernes a petición de Nafarroa Bai los restos de la fábrica de armas de Orbaitzeta, una muestra de arqueología industrial del siglo XVIII sobre la ...
Parlamentarios visitan la fábrica de armas de Orbaitzeta, pendiente de su proyecto de restauración
Bruno Zotta Bailo, founder and President of Balio Spa, as well as President of the “Officina Italiana”, declares: “Bailo's entire history and business strategy have been marked by perseverance in the achievement of goals and by constant attention to ...
Vist &amp; <b>Bailo</b> form Officina Italiana to focus on sportswear
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