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LOUIS CANTORNA and Patrick Nuqui dominated their respective fields to win titles in the recent Tenpin Bowling Affiliation of Makati, Inc. (TBAM)-Boysen Easter Open Bowling Championship at the Superbowl in Makati Cinema Square in Makati City.
Editor's Note: The results of this study suggest that supplementation with Vitamin D3 may be beneficial for those with Lyme disease. Many additional studies have revealed Vitamin D3 to have potent immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory effects.
How Vitamin D Inhibits Symptoms of Borreliosis
A devoted conservative Christian and daughter of an executive of the notoriously antigay Focus On The Family, Amber Cantorna was disowned after coming out to her family, but now she's speaking out. On the That God Show podcast, Cantorna shares her ...
Focus On The Family Exec Shuns Gay Daughter, Now She's Speaking Out
Judge Pamela A. Ruest and local attorneys Philip Masorti, Bernard Cantorna, Sean McGraw and Andrew Shubin were all named individually. So was Michelle Shutt, a former paralegal in Parks Miller's office who claimed she witnessed Parks Miller forge ...
Centre County district attorney sues county officials, attorneys for defamation
She claims Cantorna and Shubin wrongly brought the false allegation to the county commissioners, who acted outside the scope of their authority by pressuring Bellefonte police into conducting an investigation when the allegations had already been ...
DA Parks Miller Attacks County Officials, Defense Attorneys in New Lawsuit
Cantorna filed Right-to-Know requests with Centre County government in October seeking phone records of communications between Lunsford and prosecutors during McClure's trial. The records indicate texting between Lunsford, Parks Miller, Assistant ...
Affidavit alleges texting between Judge Bradley Lunsford, Stacy Parks Miller <b>...</b>
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