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Your waiter has a lot to say about how you behave. Or at least Darron Cardosa does; he's the humorous voice behind the popular blog the Bitchy Waiter, and now an author of a book of the same name. Inside the book (which hit shelves earlier in April), ...
The 10 Commandments of Dining With Children
El Premio Nacional de Periodismo, Santiago Cardosa Arias, trae otra historia narrada desde las vivencias personales de cómo y qué fueron para él los sucesos de Playa Girón, con el ímpetu de ser parte de la Cuba revolucionaria en pie de lucha. Todo tuvo ...
Girón / 55: Graduación interrumpida por la metralla
Kula farrier Gretchen Cardosa gives a whip-cracking demonstration while presenting a workshop on preserving the art of the paniolo Tuesday at Hale Ho'ike'ike in Wailuku. "My goal is to preserve the paniolo craft, to study and learn about it and then ...
He held the chicken fried steak with his other hand and sprayed the gravy off it, then threw the the soaking-wet piece of meat back onto the plate," Cardosa writes. "I stared at him in disbelief as he tossed the meat on a fresh plate, and handed it ...
'Bitchy Waiter' got start in Victoria
Paniolo Flyer The free “Preserving the Art of the Paniolo” workshop with Gretchen Cardosa will be held at at Hale Ho'ike`'ke in Wailuku on Tuesday, April 12. The workshop will include a leather stamping activity and a whip-cracking demonstration.
Preserving the Art of the Paniolo Workshop April 12
The new book ($14.95 from Sterling) is filled with war stories and advice from Darron Cardosa, a 48-year-old Queens man who has spent the last 26 years waiting tables, recently penning a blog (, and often weighing in on service ...
A waiter tells all
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