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Isle of Wight County's Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Proposed Operating and Capital Budget includes a 3-cent real estate tax increase, along with a total increase of $1,426,868 from last year. However, the real estate tax is the only tax being increased with ...
The Board of Supervisors voted narrowly Thursday night for a $1.145 real estate tax rate, one cent higher than the current rate. The rate sends $694.8 million in local tax funding to the school board, leaving a $16.9 million shortfall in the school ...
Loudoun Supervisors Vote for One <b>Cent Real</b> Estate Tax Increase
50 Cent (real name: Curtis Jackson) filed for bankruptcky after he was ordered to pay $7 million for allegedly releasing a sex tape. But that didn't stop him from flaunting a whole lot of cash on his Instagram. A judge then ordered 50 Cent to explain ...
50 Cent tells bankruptcy court he&#39;s been flaunting stacks of fake cash
G-Unit boss 50 Cent may have some explaining to do as new reports claims he has over $64 million in assets and nearly $200,000 coming in monthly. According to new reports, Fif is far from being unable to pay his bills. According to his Chapter 11 ...
50 <b>Cent&#39;s Real</b> Money Exposed, G-Unit Boss Has Over $64 Mil In Assets
Proposed Fairfax County 2017 budget includes 4-cent real estate tax increase. By Angela Woolsey/Fairfax County Times; Feb 19, 2016; 0. TAX. ANGELA WOOLSEY/FAIRFAX COUNTY TIMES. Fairfax County Executive Edward L. Long Jr. presented his ...
Proposed Fairfax County 2017 budget includes 4-<b>cent real</b> estate tax increase
These days, we're all cynics. If something looks too good to be true, we tend to presume it is. Which serves us well for the most part. But, occasionally, nature (and/or a little clever engineering) throws up something truly spectacular. And just ...
18 mind-blowing photos that are 100 per <b>cent real</b> (no Photoshop involved)
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