Noticias de Chavella
94 little girls, including 34 who are battling life-threatening or chronic illnesses, spent the day at the Manitoba Legislature which had been turned in to “Castle Chavella.” Stella Mazza started the event 10 years ago after fighting her own battle ...
Dozens of little girls crowned princess for a day
These are you know -- sons and daughters -- you know what I mean. They're missed, and we have no answers," said Chavella Montantes, sister of victim Carlitha Villalobos. "These kids, they didn't deserve this. They were shot down like dogs in the car ...
Friends, Family Release Balloons on One-Year Anniversary of Triple Homicide
“I'm constantly reminded of it every day, you know, that she's not coming home,” Chavella Montantes, Villalobos' sister said. “But I try not to think about it, you know, because it's so painful." Montantes, along with her mother, has been searching for ...
Family Members Search for Answers One Year After Triple Homicide
The boy's mother, Chavella Hamm, 45, and her lawyer are furious. "I was horrified, I was scared," Hamm said. "I was at another store ... across the street from the mall, and I got a phone call on my phone, and it was my son, hysterical, screaming, 'Ma ...
Mall Security Guards Suspended After Punching Teen on Video
The mother of a teenager who was repeatedly hit by local mall security on Saturday has moved forward with legal action in hopes of having the three guards arrested. Chavella Hamm, through an attorney, has applied for a criminal warrant against the ...
Mother of teen beaten by mall security files lawsuit
Playing their final Strikeout Out Cancer contest were Lockport seniors Jordyn Kwoka, Abbey Chenez, Alyssa Wagner, Delaney Fragale, Emily Steen, Morgan, Brader, Angela Sammarco, Chavella Leiser and Jenn Krieger Grand Island seniors who played in ...
Cancer strikes out at Lockport vs. Grand Island
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28696 Pelayos de la Presa
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