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In celebration of their 45th anniversary the Mr Men and Little Miss team asked a Bristol graffiti artist to design a new character. MR_GRAFF_TIME_LAPSE Play video. 'Mr Gaff' is the creation of graffiti artist Cheo and was inspired by the city's annual ...
Meet Mr Graff, Bristol's very own Mr Man
Bristol has its very own Mr Men character and he is a graffiti artist (of course). Mr Graff has been designed by city artist Cheo ahead of graffiti festival Upfest taking place in July. The Mr Men Little Miss (MMLM) series is celebrating its 45th ...
Meet Bristol's very own Mr Men character - Mr Graff
Bristol street artist Cheo has created a new Mr Men character wearing his distinctive red baseball cap as he brandishes a spray can. Mr Graff has been made to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Mr Men and Little Miss (MMLM) and developed in partnership ...
Bristol's own Mr Graff joins Mr Men team
Prisión preventiva para sujeto que hirió y dejó en grave estado a otro. Se trata de Eliseo Ledesma alias "Cheo", quien habría disparado con una carabina a Claudio Cardozo, el pasado domingo 3 de abril. Le dieron 4 meses de prisión preventiva. Fotos (1).
Prisión preventiva para sujeto que hirió y dejó en grave estado a otro
Monique Yashinskie, third from left, was awarded the Community Champion Award at the CHEO Healthy Kids Award gala in March in recognition of her work with the Robbie Dean Family Counselling Centre, which she founded.
Yashinskie wins <b>CHEO</b> award
When the teaser trailer for Luke Cage came out last month, it seemed that the show will have more or less the same tone as Jessica Jones and Daredevil. In some ways, it will be. However, as Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker told Comic Book ...
How Luke Cage Will Be “Its Own Thing” and “Completely Different” from Jessica <b>...</b>
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