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Welcome everyone to another edition of Mr. Dufour's Wayback Machine where we review classic WWF shows of wrestle-years gone by. Today we travel back to October.22nd 1983 at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. Usually I take a peak at the card before I ...
Mr. Dufour's Wayback Machine: October. 22nd, 1983
Ah yes, Tony Garea. A former 5 time WWWF/WWF Tag Team Champion who became a staple in the opening matches at major arena shows from 1983-1986. Tonight he's up against the #1 Frenchman Rene Goulet, a former tag team champion himself.
Mr. Dufour's Wayback Machine: November.24th, 1983 Philly Spectrum
WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson turns 57 years old today while Greg "The Hammer" Valentine turns 64, former tag team champion Tony Garea turns 69 and ECW Original Joel Gertner turns 40. - For what it's worth, WWE is still advertising Randy Orton as ...
WWE Still Advertising Randy Orton For Tonight, Bayley Artwork, WWE Frog <b>...</b>
Ocurrió a las 13,10, a la altura del kilómetro 550, donde perdió la vida una persona de nacionalidad brasileña, identificada como Ramón Alejandro Garea (57 años), quien iba al mando de un automóvil Mercedes Benz. En el mismo vehículo viajaba su ...
Ruta 14: un muerto y 7 heridos en brutal choque
-Studd lays a beating on Garea. Bundy tries to finish him with an elbow, but Garea gets out of the way and tags out as Bundy crashes. Superstar Billy Graham drops in with a few words from the Arizona desert. Graham proclaims that he's big, bad, and mean.
The Name on the Marquee: WWF Championship Wrestling (8.23.1986)
Garea, meanwhile, is vastly experienced as a financial professional and he has worked for a variety of international companies, such as Citibank, eBay and Biogen & Covidien. The 40-year-old has been involved in many different areas of the financial ...
International Boxing Association announce two appointments to Boxing Marketing Arm
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