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However, the rickshaw driver Kailash Gonte after completion of two more ferry when reached at house, noticed mobile phone ringing from his vehicle. When Gonte check bag he found valuables containing gold jewellery, cash Rs 4000 and smartphone ...
Gonte's long road to recovery hasn't been easy, but he's not one to dwell on negatives. He's in a wheelchair due to paralysis from the spinal cord injury, and the traumatic brain injury has caused short-term memory problems for which there is no therapy.
Business student overcomes disability
He began attending RISE Adaptive Sports recreational events, where he gained confidence to “find a new fitness lifestyle as a paraplegic,” says Gonte, 20, who is from Ethiopia. Through the Challenged Athletes Foundation, he received a grant to buy a ...
Profile in Fitness: Addis <b>Gonte</b> doesn&#39;t let paralysis keep him from exercise
"When a telescope points at a star from Earth, it encounters the turbulence of the atmosphere, and this turbulence makes stars twinkle and the image blurry," says Mr Gonte. This means that although large ground-based telescopes with big mirrors can see ...
Laser Guide Star at VLT to shine brighter light on stars
In his 49 years of medicine, Dr. Henry Gonte has never experienced anything like it. The self-described, "old country doctor" says he has never done more gratifying work than certifying patients to use medicinal marijuana. "These are people who are ...
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