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As Camille Paglia put it: “Lena Dunham to me is the symbol of neuroticism which masquerades as feminism. I mean, Lena Dunham has a lot of problems that have to do with body image that have nothing whatever to do with wider society but have to do with ...
<b>Lena</b> Dunham Is The Donald Trump Of Boomer Feminism
How would Lena Dunham adjust to working with more than just white people? Lena Dunham is a popular television writer, producer, director and actress, according to TIME magazine on-line. She is also a political activist promoting the candidacy of ...
<b>Lena</b> Dunham&#39;s threat to move to Canada if Trump elected
On Tuesday, Trump called in for an interview on Fox & Friends, where he was asked about Lena's unfavorable remark. Bluntly, Trump told the show's panel that he would be doing a “great service” to the United States by getting Lena to flee the country.
Donald Trump for <b>Lena</b> Dunham exit and Rob Kardashian ready for KUWTK drama
Girls star Lena Dunham said that if Donald Trump were to win in November, she would go north of the border to Canada. The Hillary Clinton supporter was very clear about her intentions. “I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I ...
<b>Lena</b> Dunham Says She Will Move To Canada If Donald Trump Is Elected
Donald Trump dominated the Tuesday, April 26, primaries, and now he's facing down liberal comedienne Lena Dunham. Why? Because Lena Dunham has sworn to move to Canada if The Donald manages to nail down the 2016 U.S. presidency. As CNN ...
Donald Trump: <b>Lena</b> Dunham Moving To Canada If He Wins 2016 Presidency
Lena Dunham, 29-year-old actress, producer, and Girls creator, has so little interest in Donald Trump's United States that she's committed to moving to Canada if he becomes president. Jumping ship. Getting out while the going's hot. Relocating to an ...
<b>Lena</b> Dunham Says She&#39;ll Move to Canada If Donald Trump Is Elected President <b>...</b>
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