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Every April, just before the television cameras arrive, the grounds crew at Augusta National in Georgia puts the final touches on the perfectly manicured yellow pansies near the entrance of the famous golf club. To sports fans, the shape of the flower ...
Why Is the U.S. Map on the Masters&#39; <b>Logo So</b> Wrong?
İnternet üzerinden yapılan yarışmaya 21 tasarımcı toplam 53 eserle katıldı. Yaklaşık 15 gün süren yarışma sonunda Şah-Mat kullanıcı adıyla katılan Hasan ERSÖZ isimli tasarımcının hazırladığı logo birinci oldu. Bozova Kaymakamlığı için hazırlanan logoda ...
Fairpixels is giving startups a helping hand, and open sourcing rejected logos for anyone to use. The company, which is a pay-what-you-can-afford design firm, says it has “unused logo design proposals piling up on our hard drives,” so it's just giving ...
In 1971, the Metropolitan Museum of Art adopted the logo you are likely most familiar with, an elegant, twirly swirly "M." This was "drawn from the museum's collection, from the Divina proportione woodcut in Renaissance-era book by Fra Luca Pacioli, ...
After taxi service Uber released their rebranded logo earlier this month it was widely mocked as meaningless, unrecognizable, poorly executed, and even likened to an “asshole” on its side by Gizmodo. I'm sure that wasn't the response the company was ...
Did you ever wish your iPhone's Apple logo would glow like the logo on your MacBook laptop? You could have the ultimate harmony of glowing Apple products. Well, your wishes have come true. David Cogen from, a smartphone how-to ...
You can modify your iPhone&#39;s <b>logo so</b> it glows like the one on your MacBook
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Casa de Santa Uxía Casa de Santa Uxía
Lugar de Santa Uxía, s/n
15151 Ezaro
Hotel Casa Jurjo Hotel Casa Jurjo
Avenida Trece de Abril, 91
15256 A Picota Mazaricos
Hotel de Naturaleza AV Hotel de Naturaleza AV
Lugar da Igrexa, s/n
15298 Ameixenda-Cee