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TOKYO -- Food producer Meiji will consolidate dairy and confection research centers into a single location, bringing together expertise in both fields with an eye toward hatching new hit products. The Meiji Holdings unit will break ground this June on ...
北区最大の花見の名所である飛鳥山公園。サクラを眺めながら食べるのにぴったりなテイクアウトフードを紹介! 【写真を見る】1・2Fともガラス張りの外観で、通りからパン棚のにぎわいが見える(「MEIJIDO」). □ 「MEIJIDO」. 「MEIJIDO」は1889(明治22)年創業の老舗ベーカリー ...
北区最大の花見の名所である飛鳥山公園。サクラを眺めながら食べるのにぴったりなテイクアウトフードを紹介! 「MEIJIDO」. 「MEIJIDO」は1889(明治22)年創業の老舗ベーカリー。各種パンを用いたサンドイッチをはじめ、カレーパン、クロワッサン、デニッシュなど、100種類以上 ...
Japanese dairy giant Meiji will discuss "specific Bulgarian projects" during a visit by its president to the Eastern European country this week. Petrich Municipality Administration, which presides over an area in the Bulgarian province of Blagoevgrad ...
Japanese dairy giant Meiji considering 'specific Bulgarian projects'
The company said that it will invest JPY6.8bn (US$49m) in the coming year to upgrade its capacity for drinking yoghurt alongside a JPY1.4bn investment to increase production of pot yoghurt. Meiji will increase its capacity for both pot and drinkable ...
Meiji looks to grow probiotic capacity
Japanese firm cites rising costs, but analysts say political and safety fears could be involved. PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 October, 2013, 3:17am. UPDATED : Friday, 25 October, 2013, 8:37am. Comments: Meiji will suspend sales of three baby formula products ...
Japanese dairy giant Meiji quits baby milk market in China
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