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Michelle Oyola gained popularity for dating his rapcellency Prezzo. But it seems that her unsavoury behaviour on 'Nairobi Diaries' is now alienating her fans. From saying that Prezzo doesn't like dark skins like Pendo, to whining about Pendo wherever ...
Those who followed the show about two weeks ago will recall a showdown between Vera and fellow socialite Pendo. And it all went down to the two exposing their real emotions about a guy they have both had a thing for Davido, the Nigerian singer. This is ...
Socialite <b>Pendo</b>:We don&#39;t need Vera Sidika
'Pendo is lying. She claims there is NO script and yet there is. We always have a script to follow... Many times we've fought over the scripting,over how we've been characterized and over how our image has continuously been eroded in the public eye ...
READ ALSO: Why 21-year-old Vera Sidika has quit Nairobi diaries. Her fans online were devastated after her announcement. In defense of Nairobi diaries, Pendo has revealed that Vera Sidika was lying of the reasons why she quit the show. She went on to ...
Vera Sidika exposed by cast member for lying about Nairobi diaries
Pendo, a data-driven platform to help companies deliver great products, today announced the results of a new survey that showed companies and organizations that capture both qualitative and quantitative user feedback create better products and ...
After last night's drama, perhaps it's better if socialites are not invited to radio stations! Last night, Nation FM hosted socialite Sandra Bosset on their late night show, The Fix, hosted by Leon Lidigu and DJ Grauchi. Everything was sailing smoothly ...
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Zenit Casal de Mouros Zenit Casal de Mouros
Casal Do Mouro, 2
15313 Ambroa
Pazo Da Cruz Pazo Da Cruz
Lugar de Viaxe, 2
15615 Vilarmaior
Alvarella Alvarella
Breanca, 4 - Doroña
15615 Villarmayor