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Máxima Acuña, a farmer from Peru's northern highlands, recently won the 2016 Goldman Environmental Prize for her resistance against the mining consortium Yanacocha in Cajamarca, Peru. At the prize acceptance ceremony in San Francisco on 18 April, ...
One woman&#39;s victory against a mining giant in <b>Peru</b>
The 33 lions, many of them in poor health, were rescued from circuses in Peru and Colombia and are being taken to their homeland to live in an animal sanctuary in Africa. The “largest lion airlift” will take place on Friday, organized by Animal ...
33 Rescued Circus Lions Getting a New Home in Africa
Peruvian Hass avocados would be entering the Argentine market before July because the phytosanitary process is well advanced and the Argentine Government is willing to receive the domestic products, said the head of the National Service of Agrarian ...
<b>Peru&#39;s</b> avocado to arrive in Argentina before July
El Mercado is operated by respected local firm Mountain Lodges of Peru, and staff can advise on and arrange visits to Sacred Valley sites, as well as a variety of hikes. Large fire pits are lit in the evenings to counter the high-altitude chill. There ...
El Mercado
Drugs mule Melissa Reid is set to return to the UK “very soon” after Peruvian authorities agreed to expel her from the country, according to the British embassy in Peru. The 22-year-old, jailed for cocaine smuggling in 2013, has been seeking to serve ...
<b>Peru</b> drugs mule Melissa Reid will be returning to the UK &#39;very soon&#39;
Chavin de Huántar is a 3,000-year-old pre-Incan religious complex (pictured) that sat at the heart of one of Peru's earliest cultures. Archaeologists believe the priests who ran the culture may have been one of the first groups to establish an ...
Ancient priests used DRUGS to control their followers 3000 years ago: Evidence <b>...</b>
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