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President Barack Obama hugs Kemba Smith during a greet with formerly incarcerated individuals who have received commutations, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, March 30, 2016. Following that meeting the President took the group to lunch at a ...
Virginia Beach&#39;s Kemba <b>Pradia</b> Smith, advocate for clemency, meets President Obama
Kemba Smith Pradia, a national motivational speaker, author and advocate for domestic violence prevention, will be the keynote speaker at the Sister II Sister Summit from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Feb. 27 in Louise M. Slaughter Hall at Rochester Institute of ...
Author Kemba Smith <b>Pradia</b> to lead Sister II Sister Summit for young women
Alice Pradia knows how to teach Houston children to read. It's not hard, she says. Turn off the TV. Pull the plug on electronic gadgets. Bring out the books. Pradia lowers her voice as she explains the heart and guts of her technique: Teach children ...
Every child can learn to read, says 83-year-old Alice <b>Pradia</b>. Just follow her <b>...</b>
Kelly Pradia of Greenwich, right, prays with homeless couple Daniel and Brandy Friday at the Riverside Commons. Daniel and Brandy said people have reached out to them with prayers and support since a newspaper article was published about them last ...
Tide looks to turn for homeless family in Greenwich
Pradia had a Big Bite Warmouth tied on to his PowerPro Slick 8 50-pound braid, which was spooled to a Shimano Calcutta 200 reel on a 7-foot, 6-inch, medium-heavy Shimano Crucial rod. The first two fish in the boat were buck bass, one taken by Pradia ...
Lake Charles angler lands 10.27-pounder at Toledo Bend
Officer Anthony Pradia, who was forced to open fire on a man who was trying to run over him and another officer, had been on limited duty pending the Texas Rangers' investigation of the incident. Exactly 90 days after his placement, he was allowed back ...
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