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Ripa skipped the show following the fallout from last week's decision to move co-host Strahan to “Good Morning America.” She was widely reported to be furious with the way the situation was handled by executives at ABC, where she has worked both on the ...
Lewis Black Auditions to Be Kelly <b>Ripa&#39;s</b> New &#39;Live&#39; Co-Host (Video)
Sure enough, the next day, Kelly Ripa was mysteriously absent from the show that she's hosted for the last 15 years. Soon, word surfaced that Ripa was blindsided by the news and “livid” with Disney-ABC execs that she was informed about Strahan's move ...
Kelly <b>Ripa</b> walked off &#39;Live!&#39; and everyone lost their minds: Why this <b>...</b>
"[Ripa] is really close with Anderson and Andy and she loves them. But she's open to trying a bunch of different people. It was clear she really liked the process last time." A recent report claimed Ripa might actually quit if the co-hosting gig were ...
Michael Strahan Live Replacement: Who Will It Be... For Now?
Ripa's journey to success and limelight was a bizaare and uncanny one because she landed the job without proper measures and preparation. Before Ripa joined Regis Philbin behind the "Live!" desk in February 2001, she joined the network's soap opera ...
Kelly <b>Ripa</b> Bizarre, Uncanny Journey To Get A Job In &#39;Live!&#39;
daily show kelly ripa lewis black On tonight's Daily Show, Lewis Black defended “my beloved” Kelly Ripa amid the drama over Michael Strahan's Live! departure and threw his hat in the ring to be her next co-host. Yes, the cranky comedian is apparently ...
The Daily Show&#39;s Lewis Black Auditions to Be Kelly <b>Ripa&#39;s</b> New Co-Host
NEW YORK (AP) If finding a new partner for Kelly Ripa on her daytime talk show is anything like the process that led to Michael Strahan's hiring, it won't be quick. "Live" went through nine months and 59 guest co-hosts before former football star ...
Search to begin for Michael Strahan&#39;s successor on &#39;Live&#39;
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