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Veronica Sixtos: I greatly admire Jennifer Lawrence's career. She was put on the map by her performance in an indie film called Winter's Bone. Knowing that gives me faith that I can lead a similar path. I can tell that she puts everything she has into ...
LatinoBuzz: &#39;Hostile Border&#39; Star Veronica <b>Sixtos</b> on Learning About Herself <b>...</b>
With her acoustic guitar in hand, Veronica Sixtos covers songs and posts light-hearted vlogs on her popular YouTube channel. But she's not just a singer and online personality — she's also a budding young actress in Hollywood. Recently, she broke new ...
YouTube star Veronica <b>Sixtos</b> develops acting career
San Francisco native Veronica Sixtos has been a working actress since childhood, appearing in commercials and guest starring on TV, including family friendly programs such as Zooey 101 and Wizards of Waverly Place. But in her new film, Hostile Border, ...
Interview: Actress Veronica <b>Sixtos</b> on Hostile Border
Claudia (Veronica Sixtos), 22 yeards old, is a pocha, slang for a Mexican who has left their country (mostly for the U.S.), turned their back on their culture, and can't speak Spanish. Claudia's just fine with living abroad, until she gets deported and ...
Review: HOSTILE BORDER, A Reversal Of The Immigrant Experience
Claudia (Veronica Sixtos) is a Mexican-born, U.S.-raised immigrant in the country illegally who is arrested for credit card fraud. With few viable options, she travels south of the border to live with her estranged rancher father, Andrés (Julio César ...
&#39;Hostile Border&#39; is an effective crime thriller
Tuvo un papel menor en la todavía recordada película “Quinceañera”, donde hacía de la prima de la protagonista; pero ahora, Verónica Sixtos, la joven actriz mexicoamericana que ha participado en varias series televisivas, pasa a ocupar un rol ...
Verónica <b>Sixtos</b> interpreta a una &#39;pocha&#39; en peligro en la trepidante &#39;Hostile Border&#39;
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