Noticias de Tiraz
Das Museum für Islamische Kunst in Jerusalem zeigt in seiner neuen Wechselausstellung kunstvoll bestickte Hochzeitskleider palästinensischer Frauen aus den Jahren 1880 – 1948. Die Kleider stammen aus der Sammlung Manuel Kleidmans und werden ...
<b>Tiraz</b> – Palästinensische Stickereien im Museum für Islamische Kunst
AMMONNEWS - Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah inaugurated, Tuesday, the TIRAZ Exhibition: Ya Hafeth Ya Ameen, the collaboration between the collections of Widad Kawar and Sami Moawiyah Yousef, in an exhibition on protective silver adornments ...
Queen Rania Inaugurates <b>TIRAZ</b> Exhibition, &#39;&#39; Ya Hafeth Ya Ameen&#39;&#39;
Here in Amman, Kawar recently opened a museum – named Tiraz, from the old Arabic word for embroidery – that showcases some of the 2,000 pieces in her collection of dresses, textiles, and jewelry. She says she wants to keep the dress patterns alive as ...
Museum showcases traditional Arab dresses, and stories of female creators
But less than a century ago, you could often tell a person's cultural origins from their attire. That certainly comes through in the “Tiraz: Local Embroidery” exhibition, which opened at the Museum of Islamic Art last month and will run until February ...
Clothing maketh the people
Five-year-old Tiraz Fisher told firefighters he set the fire that killed his father last week in their East Side home, The Buffalo News has learned. The developmentally delayed boy was rescued by a next-door neighbor who climbed up a ladder to a second ...
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