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Vista boss cheated of Rs 3 crore by builders. CMD of Vista Management Services Limited Dev Kumar Panda, who allegedly cheated investors of more than Rs 50 crore, was taken for a ride by some builders. Debabrata Mohapatra | 23 May 2015, 2:39 PM IST.
<b>Vista boss</b> cheated of Rs 3 crore by builders
BHUBANESWAR:The Economic Offences Wing of the State Government arrested Deba Kumar Panda, managing director of a ponzi firm, while he was on the verge of leaving the country on Sunday night. Panda, MD of Vista Management Services Pvt Ltd, ...
Vodja programa Windows Insider Gabriel Aul je namreč preko družbenega omrežja Twitter potrdil, da če je na računalniku nameščen operacijski sistem Windows Vista, bo mogoče na njem brez težav namestiti tudi novejši Windows 10. Minimalne strojne ...
Windows 10 bo deloval na 8 let starem računalniku!
Oh Microsoft, when will you ever live down the Apple comparisons? It's not all the mactards' fault, you know—not when you are pulling stunts like this. Seriously, you have a "How To" page showing customers "how to" open the Vista software packaging ...
<b>Vista Box</b> Needs Instructions to Open
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