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Xora said: 'The government have done sterling work on the recent trans report but now we must move in a direction towards intersex people and the current abuses they face as identified by the UN and many others. This is as a result of being masked in ...
This is why intersex activists handcuffed themselves to UK's parliament today
Ela Xora, an intersex rights activist and artist, began a parliamentary demonstration yesterday in the fight against non-consensual genital mutilation in the UK. 'Most people don't even know what the word intersex is,' she told GSN. 'Until [intersex ...
How would you feel if your doctor mutilated your genitals without your consent?
Artist Ela Xora has been invited by the internationally renowned Museum of Archaeology in the Faculty of Classics at Cambridge University to launch her new exhibition. The artist will also host the years most coruscating Christmas party in the world of ...
Ancient Intersex Deities Unmasked In New Cambridge Museum of Archaeology <b>...</b>
En mi documento el nombre que figura es Ela Xora pero yo le agregué las equis que faltaban. Esas tres equis son la expresión de una tercera posición. Quería utilizar un nombre que expresara la androginia de mi obra y de mi persona. Nací en Londres, mis ...
Ela <b>Xora</b> / XXXora
Rising Mask Maker, Visual, Aural and Performance Artist Ela Xora launches a new series of exhibitions during her Artist In Residency at Limewharf Gallery which build on extensive UN, Council of Europe and Amnesty International statements to end the ...
Ela <b>Xora</b> Explores UK Law Trans and Intersex Equality In New Exhibitions
Xora StreetSmart, המערכת שבה השתמשה אינטרמקס כדי לעקוב אחרי אריאס, מותקנת כיום על מכשיריהם של 150 אלף אמריקאים. היא נמצאת כיום בבעלות ישראלית, לאחר ש-Xora נרכשה בשנה שעברה בידי חברת קליקסופטוור. בדף של אפליקציית החברה בגוגל פליי, שאותה העובדים נדרשים ...
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