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The Safari Zoo at Sa Coma has never been described, not even in the tourist brochures, as a Garden of Eden. And two chimpanzees, known as Adam and Eve, certainly did not think much of the Mallorca resort earlier this week when they broke out of their ...
Chimpanzees Adam and Eve terrify holidaymakers after escaping from zoo in Mallorca
Police in Spain are searching for a chimpanzee in Majorca, two days after it escaped from a zoo popular with tourists. A chimpanzee couple named Adam and Eve smashed windows to get out of their enclosure at the Sa Coma Safari Zoo on Monday. Eve was ...
Police in Spain search for escaped chimp in Majorca
Companions Adam and Eve both escaped from the Sa Coma Safari Zoo after bending the metal bars of their cage. The Civil Guard police force launched a search and found Eve in the nearby town of Son Carrio, and she was then killed by forest rangers.
Runaway zoo chimpanzee shot and killed in Spain
The Sa Coma Safari Zoo is close to a a massive family-friendly four-star hotel called the Protur Safari Park. Its two-mile-long open-air enclosure is home to over 600 animals including lions, giraffes, tigers, monkeys and zebras. The escaped ...
Runaway chimpanzee Adam shot dead by police after escaping from Majorca zoo
The Sa Coma Safari Zoo is a two-mile-long open-air enclosure home to over 600 animals including lions, giraffes, tigers, monkeys and zebras. The attraction receives mixed reviews on TripAdvisor, with one recent visitor describing the animals as living ...
Chimpanzees bend bars of cage to break out from zoo before police shoot one dead
A male and a female chimpanzee managed to escape from their enclosures yesterday afternoon at Sa Coma safari park. Sadly one of the chimps (Eve) was shot and killed by zoo employees whilst the other managed to avoid capture by the many police, ...
2 Chimpanzees on the Loose From <b>Sa Coma</b> Safari Park
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