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I'm at a point right now, where, quite frankly, I'm going to dismiss the students,” Nafarrete said, Breitbart News reported Tuesday. “With all due respect, Mr. Shapiro, Mr. Shapiro represents a narrative that he's providing to all you guys based on his ...
Conservative star ruled unsafe for young minds
Ben Shapiro (, Daily Wire) was in the middle of a talk to 450 high school students at Otay Ranch HS on Tuesday when an assistant principal suddenly intervened, saying that Shapiro had “crossed a line.” Dean Nafarrete, who also serves as ...
HS assistant principal dismisses students from conservative speaker's talk
His name is Dean Nafarrete, associate principal of Otay Ranch High School near San Diego. I have no idea how his name is pronounced but it really doesn't matter since he seems to have doomed himself to being called "PC Principal" now and forever unto ...
Real Life PC Principal Interrupts Ben Shapiro Speech
In an interview with TheBlaze, Shapiro said Nafarrete had called him approximately one week prior to the assembly in order to express concerns that he and other teachers had about the political nature of his speech. Shapiro assured him then that he had ...
High School Official Interrupts Conservative Author Ben Shapiro in Middle of <b>...</b>
Nafarrete said he would “dismiss the students” because Shapiro “crossed a line” by discussing the realities of income mobility in the United States. Asked about whether the government ought to take money from rich Americans and give it to poor ...
High School Administrator Dismisses Students from Ben Shapiro Speech to <b>...</b>
Fue el 20 de febrero de 1955 que estos tres grandes arquitectos hicieron su examen profesional, después siguieron diferentes caminos, Nafarrete y Ponce orientados más a la docencia y Chávez de la Mora como sacerdote, al seguir su vocación religiosa; ...
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