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President Jere Morehead solemnly addressed a teary-eyed crowd of hundreds who gathered in the Tate Student Center Plaza today to mourned the loss of Kayla Canedo, Britany Feldman, Christina Semeria and Halle Scott, who died in a car wreck ...
Hundreds gather in Tate <b>Plaza</b> to honor lives of four who died in car wreck
Students speak at a memorial remembering fellow classmates involved in the fatal car crash in Oconee County at Tate Plaza on Thursday, April 28, 2016, in Athens, Georgia. Four students died as the result of the crash and one is in critical condition ...
PHOTOS: Morehead, friends speak to hundreds at Tate <b>Plaza</b> memorial
The manager was telling the inspector that they were asked to stop using water by the plaza management because of sewer issues. On Wednesday, the inspectors found a roach infestation in 4 restaurants. Check out if your favorite eatery has been shut ...
Valley <b>Plaza</b> food court reopens after inspections
The city of Ballinger welcomed a new addition to its Pioneer Plaza today as the local Lions Club has offered a strip of land during a dedication ceremony today. Pioneer Plaza is located across from the Runnels County Courthouse and the new addition was ...
Lions Club of Ballinger Dedicates Addition to Pioneer <b>Plaza</b> to the City.
A delightful High Tea experience is being launched at Crowne Plaza Queenstown with a special tea just in time for Mother's Day. threesixy restaurant is launching a beautiful High Tea menu on Sunday May 8 offering the perfect opportunity to indulge in ...
Once again the celebration of the victory won on May 5, 1826 will be in progress at Los Alamitos' cherished St. Isidore Historical Plaza. A Cinco de Mayo Fiesta will be in full swing on Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.. Food will play a ...
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