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Perhaps, if a Summer move for one of the host's key players had not fallen through, proceedings might have gone differently during the game. "Other players have scored in the team and before last week Vards hadn't scored for five or six games, so we'll ...
Simpson: Leicester City can <b>cope</b> without Vardy
Players are going to have to be much physically fitter, to cope with the demands we set them. They have to be mentally fitter to cope with the pressure of top-class sport. “Because of contracts like this we can be more professional in the way we apply ...
Players must get fitter to <b>cope</b> with demands – Hearn
Gamers can have a remarkable gluttony for punishment these days, and it sounds as though Doom is going to provide more than enough to satisfy such players. The game's developers have been talking about the Ultra-Nightmare difficulty in their upcoming ...
Not Even Doom&#39;s Developers Can <b>Cope</b> With The Game&#39;s Ultra-Nightmare Difficulty
Staffing challenges result in heavy workloads. Combine that with the emotional toll of the nursing work itself and it can be overwhelming. That's why the American Nurses Association encourages activities like the stress reduction program to help nurses ...
New program helps nurses <b>cope</b> with stress
The small neighborhood where a drug tunnel was discovered is only a couple of blocks away from the U.S. border. (Photo by Mauricio Casillas/Cronkite News). TIJUANA — Tijuana resident Jaime Romero was with his son in Yuma when he received a call ...
Border residents <b>cope</b> with discovery of drug smuggling tunnel in their <b>...</b>
Koji frajer: Na travnjak Cope utrčao najrazigraniji pas ikad. Nogometaši obje momčadi nisu mogle suzdržati osmijeh na licu dok je pas jurcao po terenu, mahao repom i skakao po igračima. Na kraju su ga primili i izveli s travnjaka ...
Koji frajer: Na travnjak <b>Cope</b> utrčao najrazigraniji pas ikad
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