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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Joe Fauci established La Fontana Restaurant in Oakwood 32 years ago with his father and brother, both named Anthony. Since that time, the Fauci family never changed the footprint of their free-standing structure. But due to ...
La <b>Fontana Restaurant</b> gets a facelift at 32 years old
Estas seis personas son representantes de la colonia Fontanares, en Monterrey, quienes desde hace un año y medio libran una difícil batalla ante partículas de plomo, azufre y arsénico que expulsa día a día la empresa Recuperadora de Fierro Industrial ...
Enfermedades agobian a vecinos de <b>Fontanares</b>
Wer im Wohn- und Golfpark Fontana an Seahaven denkt, die Filmkulissenstadt aus Truman Show, teilt diese Meinung mit vielen. Okay, die Grenze zur echten Welt ist hier keine Kuppel mit aufgemaltem Himmel, sondern ein kilometerlanger Stacheldrahtzaun.
<b>Fontana Restaurant</b>: Tantentäuschers Paradise
The Fontana Police Department reported that two men were stabbed during a fight outside a Fontana restaurant on Aug. 31. Posted: Monday, September 1, 2014 11:55 am. Two men are stabbed in fight outside Fontana restaurant 0 comments. Two men were ...
Two men are stabbed in fight outside <b>Fontana restaurant</b>
People who may have been exposed to hepatitis A at a popular Nyack restaurant in late March and early April lined up for vaccines at the first of three free clinics Saturday. More : Hepatitis A exposure possible at La Fontana in Nyack. Even as they ...
Hepatitis vaccine given to Nyack&#39;s La <b>Fontana restaurant</b> patrons
Hilton Cyprus is hosting once again an Indian food festival in cooperation with Sea Hat Travel & Tours Ltd and Etihad Airways at the Fontana restaurant from March 28th until April 5th. During the Indian food festival, the hotel will be hosting Indian ...
Indian nights at the Hilton Cyprus
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