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Kenneth Cunningham, Padron-Rasines' other nominee, would have been the first openly gay veteran to serve on the court. But the Senate also claims Cunningham doesn't quite check off the diversity box they were looking for. Silly me for thinking that our ...
UF Senate Diversity Strike Down: Empowerment or Apathy?
In the Fall, Padron-Rasines filed a case to the UF Supreme Court, stating it was unconstitutional for those members to vote twice: once during the nomination process and once during the Senate approval process. The court ruled in her favor. Despite the ...
Student Government: a year in review as Access reflects on accomplishments
At Tuesday night's Student Senate meeting, senators challenged Student Body President Joselin Padron-Rasines' nominations for the UF Supreme Court. After she announced her appointments, which she chose Feb. 10, she was accused of not reaching out ...
En Cantabria trabajan dos aviones anfibios con capacidad de descarga de 5.500 litros procedentes de la base de Torrejón en Madrid, que han pernoctado en Santander y colaboran con la Comunidad Autónoma en la extinción del incendio de Rasines y, por ...
Combaten incendios forestales en Cantabria y Castilla y León
Student Government will label the bathrooms with signs, which UF Housing and UF Academic Affairs will pay for, Padron-Rasines said. The signs were originally estimated to cost between $30 and $40 each, according to an SG report on the bathrooms.
On Monday night, Joselin Padron-Rasines shared Student Government's accomplishments and future projects alongside Student Body Vice President Kevin Doan and Student Body Treasurer Nicholas Carre. That wasn't the only tradition broken at the annual ...
SG executives donate salaries to scholarship
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