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Rafael Harel, the sole proprietor of HMG and representing HMG in court stated, "Big business can't be allowed to take advantage of small business, and intentional malice to intimidate a boutique business such as HMG through third parties crosses the ...
HMG Files $7.5M Suit Against Calko Medical Center, The <b>Marcal</b> Group, Mark <b>...</b>
Related: Marcal sign will shine anew above Route 80 in Elmwood Park. Work crews refurbish the Marcal sign, Jan. 15, 2014. Buy this photo. George Wurtz. Soundview Paper Holdings LLC, which bought Marcal Paper Mills in April 2012, can recoup the cost of ...
<b>Marcal</b> recycling mill <b>will</b> get upgrade; delays cogeneration plan
Marcal was in pretty tough shape,” said Wurtz, a veteran of the Georgia Pacific company. “We acquired the company because we think we can make it profitable. We're here to save jobs. We're probably one of the few choices they had in terms of saving ...
"Our research is headed toward creating countermeasures that can be utilized by biomedical intervention for astronauts," said researcher Helder Marcal, a tissue engineer at the University of New South Wales in Australia. In their experiments ...
Embryonic Idea: Human Procreation in Space <b>Would</b> Be Perilous
Apart from overhauling senior management and uncovering inefficiencies, Spring began advertising a selling point previous owners had overlooked -- that Marcal's products are made from 100 percent recycled paper. ... What did you find? A. We talked to ...
<b>Marcal&#39;s</b> CEO explains how company rose from bankruptcy and reinvented itself
[Editor's note: has also published a podcast and transcript of Marc Gunther's interview with Tim Spring. You can listen and read it here: "Marcal's Secret Deep-Green Roots."] Stopping by the supermarket today, I discovered something ...
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