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Cruz is mathematically eliminated from winning a majority of pledged delegates on the first ballot. But he is angling to place enough of his supporters on delegate slates that he can overthrow Trump on a second ballot. Cruz recently teamed up in a ...
<b>Cruz</b> Campaign Selling &#39;<b>Cruz</b>-Fiorina Gear&#39;
[N]ominally, you're projecting that only you [Ted Cruz] can save the party from a terrible mistake, because Trump is unelectable. But you know that if the convention were willing to overlook the clear plurality winner, and electability were the primary ...
Former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina was a good choice for Sen. Cruz's vice presidential pick, if for no other reason than to steal Trump's thunder after a five state sweep across the Northeast Tuesday night. Not to mention his subsequent ...
Five Reasons Ted <b>Cruz</b> Picked Carly Fiorina For VP
She also pushed Cruz's candidacy as the only path to victory in November for her party, predicting GOP front-runner Donald Trump would be "shellacked" in a general election showdown with Democrat Hillary Clinton. "There are some things that go on in ...
Fiorina: Trump Won&#39;t Fight System, &#39;He Is the System&#39;
But since Wisconsin, Cruz has made a series of tactical blunders that are eroding his leverage beyond any aspects of timing. After New York, he hitched his wagon to Kasich, only to get slaughtered in the Atlantic primaries. By Wednesday, Cruz was ...
Trump, <b>Cruz</b>, and the Deal of the Century
--CRUZ PICKS CARLY: Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz announced yesterday Carly Fiorina as his running mate after "a great deal of consideration and prayer." Cruz praised Fiorina as a “woman of extraordinary intelligence” and “a woman of ...
The Note: <b>Cruz</b>, Carly Come Together
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