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Can God judge HIs church? Find out when and how and why the judgement of God comes into people's lives and to entire churches. Ask Naij. We live in a very interesting and unique time. Christians, all believers in Jesus Christ have amazing opportunities ...
Why will Jesus Christ judge the church first?
LE BLOC-NOTES DE JACQUES-OLIVIER MARTIN-En Grande-Bretagne, la chute de Tata Steel incarne la fin très symbolique d'une époque, celle qui avait vu le Royaume-Uni au firmament de l'économie mondiale. Il y a bien longtemps que la ...
<b>Can God</b> save the steel ?
... we understand that God took on human nature and was the perfect sacrifice required to pay the penalty for the sin we commit. What we may never have considered, however, is the question of “Can God, the Creator and Sustainer of the world, truly die?
<b>Can God</b> Die, and Did He Truly Die on the Cross?
Do you think a woman who several abortions as a single lady still stands the chances of having babies when she is married? Published: 22.03.2016; Isaac Dachen. Print; eMail · This is one worried woman (Illustration) play. This is one worried woman ...
Morning Teaser&#39;<b>Can God</b> ever forgive me for killing my babies?&#39;
Does God take sides and help athletes or teams win? Well, I am not God, but I think I know the answer: I don't think He picks winners in any competition. It may very well be that God has given someone a victory, but I am not sure I have ever witnessed it.
<b>Can God</b> Give Us a Winning Destiny?
Key verse: “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offence to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.” – Matthew 16:23 (NKJV). Can you be trusted by God? You call Him your “Father”. He's your “Provider”, your “Protector ...
<b>Can God</b> trust you?
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Airiños Airiños
Avenida Eugenio Sequeiros, 30
36940 Cangas de Morrazo
Hotel Playa Hotel Playa
Avenida de Ourense, 78
36940 Cangas de Morrazo
Rodeiramar 2A Rodeiramar 2A
Ourense, 76 (Playa de Rodeira)
36940 Cangas de Morrazo