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I have read reports in The Daily Star as well as in the Prothom Alo about a discussion held in Dhaka on 27th March 2016 by the eminent Muchkund Dubey, former High Commissioner of India in Bangladesh, focused on his efforts to translate Fakir Lalon ...
Muchkund Dubey and Hindi translation of Fakir <b>Lalon</b> Shah&#39;s works
Currently in turmoil which has been instigated by extreme religious and ideological differences, the world requires the message of humanity that exists in Lalon Shah Fakir's songs and poetry, said discussants at a seminar yesterday afternoon. “Many ...
Turbulent world in need of <b>Lalon&#39;s</b> messages
Bangla Academy director general and folklorist Prof Shamsuzzaman Khan (L), Muchkund Dubey ( “In a world today torn by discrimination, religious bias, caste and creed, Lalon's message of humanity comes across strong,” says Muchkund Dubey, “The world ...
<b>Lalon</b> needs to be revived: Dubey
The three-day long Lalon Smaran Utsab (memorial festival) popularly known as Dol Utsab, ended at Chheuria Lalon Akhra in Kushtia on Friday night, with a humble call to protect the authenticity of the bard's songs as it is deviating day by day from its ...
Three day <b>Lalon</b> Smaran Utshab ends
Former Indian Foreign Secretary Muchkund Dubey, who was also Indian high commissioner to Bangladesh during 1979-982, will deliver a speech at a discussion titled “Pursuit of Lalon Fakir”in the capital tomorrow. The discussion, organised by Prothom Alo, ...
The three-day Lalon Smaran Utshab (Lalon Memorial Festival) will begin at the shrine of Lalon Shah at Chheuria in Kushtia today. Introduced by Lalon himself, the festival is held every year to celebrate Dol Purnima. Lalon Academy, a locally elected ...
Three-day <b>Lalon</b> Festival begins
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