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On the boys' side, Chlebnik noted senior Garrett Arnado's improvement in the 1,600-meter distance race and said senior Kevin Liszka is as fast right now in his sprinting events as he was at the end of last season. None of the five athletes on the boys ...
Chlebnik pleased with early season improvements
The difference in the cases of Poe and Kauswagan (Lanao del Norte) Mayor Rommel Arnado was clarified by the SC in an en banc resolution. In the three-page resolution, dated April 5, 2016, the court stated that Arnado's manifestation and motion to set ...
... grandes descontos de preço é o principal motivo de interesse que, durante quatro dias, de hoje a domingo, vai atrair dezenas de clientes às instalações do concessionário da marca – Sportmaran – localizado na Avenida Fernão Magalhães, ao Arnado, em ...
Sportmaran abre vendas Audi a preços mais baixos
Thus, Poe's use of the US passport is … in fact required by US law ...” Thus, foundling Grace Poe was found-lying and the Arnado case in which the SC affirmed the disqualification of Kauswagan Mayor Rommel Arnado (a former dual citizen) is very much ...
Tatad appeals Poe ruling anew
The fight began when newly installed Mayor Florante Capitan arrived to formally assume his duties and responsibilities following a Supreme Court ruling that disqualified his predecessor, Rommel Arnado, from running in the 2013 elections. Arnado's ...
8 hurt in Lanao town hall clash
Pedro Arnado, a farmer from the town of Arakan and a KMP leader, said there was no need to bar the farmers from entering because they were there to get their share of the donated rice, and would not be staying long inside the church compound.
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